Bermuda likes hot, sunny weather, and it needs full sun to grow.  

Weed Control

For our brand new customers just starting out, we’d like to ask you to be patient with your lawn.  We’ve had new customers calling 2 weeks after their first application, saying they still have weeds.  Weed control takes time.  If it just took one application to get rid of all your weeds, we would just do one application! With the bermuda not fully out yet, it’s open season for the weeds. 


If you had a lot of weeds to start with, you will see an improvement with each application – however, if your lawn was pretty weedy to begin with, it didn’t get that way overnight, and we can’t fix it overnight…much as we’d like to!



If you have bare areas with no grass, we cannot keep the weeds out of it.  That’s simply a law of nature!  Putting a piece of sod in a bare area is the best solution. The greatest weed control any home owner has is turf density.

To help with the weed control, be sure you are mowing properly. Mowing schedules can vary due to the rain. See more info about summer mowing heights here.  Mowing properly is one of the best ways to have a thick, healthy lawn, which will help immensely with weed control, because it will crowd them out.  If you haven’t scalped your bermuda lawn yet (bermuda, NOT fescue) please do so after the last freeze approximately April 1st-15th.

Spring Dead Spot

SDS is rearing its ugly head, as it always does in the spring.  You will recognize it as spots in your lawn that just don’t green up at all.  It is most visible this time of year.  To learn more about SDS and ways to help your grass grow over the dead spots, please see out Spring Dead Spot page here.