Insects you might find in your lawn and garden

Insects you might find in your lawn and garden

Oklahoma insects that will not damage your lawn Ants Chiggers Aphids Crickets Earthworms Leafhoppers Mole Crickets Nematodes Sod Webworms Spiders Lawn-damaging insects and pests in Tulsa Armyworms Chinch Bugs Grub Worms Moles  

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Lawn Care Tips for Seeding Fescue

Lawn Care Tips for Seeding Fescue

No, no, and no!  Fescue’s growing season starts in the fall, so spring is not the time to seed fescue in bare areas, or to overseed your existing fescue.In Tulsa (zone 7), we grow fescue in the shade, because it’s a cool season grass that’s  heat-intolerant.  Fescue...

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Mosquito-Borne Diseases

Mosquito-Borne Diseases

We can't help that, but we do have a solution to the problem!  Our mosquito applications start at $65.  We are unable to give you a quote by satellite because your unique landscape makes a difference in the amount of material we have to use and the time we have to...

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Fescue Lifecycle

Fescue Lifecycle

In Tulsa, we find that our lawn care customers are frequently confused about shade grass, fescue grass, bermudagrass... and just grass in general. Not surprising, considering that we are in a transition zone, according to the USDA hardiness zone map. Translation: It's...

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Mosquito Repellants

Mosquito Repellants

West Nile virus rears its ugly head this year, after only one case in Oklahoma in 2011.  Already, we have 8 cases in the state, 4 of them in Tulsa county.  While health officials assure us that the chance of contracting the disease is very low, that doesn't mean we...

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Mosquito Control by Bats

Mosquito Control by Bats

One bat can eat 600 mosquitos in an hour.  That single fact drives people into a bat-house-making-and-selling frenzy.  Why wouldn’t you want to attract something that eats 600 mosquitos in an hour?Ah, but you missed the word “can.”  They CAN eat 600 mosquitos in an...

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