Most people know that aeration is good for their lawns.  Why?  Because it helps break up compacted soil.

What is compacted soil

  Compacted soil is soil that has been tromped on, stomped on, walked on, and laid on.  Have you ever seen a bare area under a swing on the playground?  Or a bare path along the fence where a dog runs all day long?  These areas are bare because nothing will grow there.  Nothing CAN grow there, because the dirt is so smashed together that roots can’t penetrate it.  Moreover, air, water and nutrients can’t penetrate it, either.  Flooding can compact soil also, because standing water forces all the oxygen out.

Grass needs sufficient air, water and nutrients in the soil to have a healthy root system.

When someone says “aeration” most people think of a mechanical aeration machine that pulls little plugs out of your lawn.  But GreenAer Liquid Aeration is easier, more effective, and doesn’t make a mess.  

A liquid aeration will aerate 100% of your lawn

 Mechanical aeration aerates only about 5% of your lawn.  That was a no brainer for us.  And, GreenAer gives you other benefits that mechanical aeration will never give you – like a greener, more well-drained lawn with a healthier, deeper root system and decreased water needs.

The above pictures show an athletic field at OSU.  The top one was taken in Mid-May, right before putting down GreenAer Liquid Aeration.  The bottom one is late June, after GreenAer had had some time to work.  Amazing!