We can’t help that, but we do have a solution to the problem!  Our mosquito applications start at $65.  We are unable to give you a quote by satellite because your unique landscape makes a difference in the amount of material we have to use and the time we have to spend applying it.  However, we’re more than happy to come out and give you a free estimate and leave it on your door.

Mosquitoes are most active in the morning and evening

During the day when it’s hot, they rest on the side of your house, or in the bushes and trees.  If you’ve ever gone outside to hand water your flowerbeds and shrubs, you know that just spraying the foliage kicks up a bunch of mosquitos that are ready to zap you!


Mosquito bites are irritating enough, but the fact that they can carry diseases like West Nile virus, malaria, and St. Louis encephalitis (and heartworm disease for your pets) makes mosquito control essential.  Furthermore, there is a new disease called chikungunya that can be debilitating, causing arthritis-like, joint-crushing pain.  Up until now, instances of the disease here in the USA have been limited to those who have traveled out of the country and returned with it.  But a few weeks ago, a man in Florida contracted chikungunya, even though he has not traveled outside the country recently.  That means chikungunya is now here in the U.S. This is really bad news, because there is no cure.  Click here to get the full story on CNN

Be proactive

Try to keep your ditches and drains free of cut grass, leaves, and debris, to make sure the water can flow out. Consistently change the water anywhere anywhere it may be standing outside, like birdbaths, tire swings, pet water, etc.  Empty anything that might hold water after a rain – even a frisbee lying out in the back yard!  If you have a pond, spray water over it regularly.  Disrupting the surface will cause the mosquito larvae to tip over and drown.  If you have a waterfall, you won’t need to worry about it – standing water is where you find the larvae.

If you sit outside, on a porch or patio, use citronella candles and put a fan out there. Mosquitoes are weak fliers and a fan may keep them at bay.  If you have to work outside for prolonged periods, especially in a garden or other place where mosquitoes may be, wear long pants and long sleeves.  I know, it’s hot.  But you’ll be protecting yourself from sun exposure as well.  And that’s another blog altogether!