Crabgrass Pre-Emergent
Now is the time to get crabgrass pre-emergent down on your lawn. Pre-emergent prevents the crabgrass from germinating. If it does germinate, it is difficult to get rid of, so a pre-emergent just makes sense.

Our first application has crabgrass pre-emergent in it. 

Broadleaf Weeds and Post-Emergents
The broadleaf weeds we are seeing now, like henbit (the ones with purple flowers,) need a post-emergent to kill them. Our first application and second application also contain post emergents. Post emergents will destroy the broadleaf weeds that you are seeing in your lawn, now. There is no pre-emergent for most broadleaf weeds.

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Fescue Grass

Your fescue should be looking pretty good right now, and you may have even mowed it recently, because it is actively growing. Just remember to try to keep the leaves off of it, as this is the time that fescue gets sunlight, since the leaves are off the trees. Sunlight is very important to fescue this time of year, because it’s building up its carbohydrate reserves to sustain it through the long, hot summer.

If you have piles of leaves built up along a fence or in a corner somewhere on top of fescue, you need to get them off the fescue. If you don’t, the fescue will die. Fescue will turn yellow underneath a pile of leaves in just a week or two.
Bird Feeders
If you are a bird lover and have bird feeders hung in various places, just remember that bird seeds are….well, seeds. You may have a lot of unknown stuff popping up in the ground under the feeders. You might even have a little bare spot where the birds are stomping around, pecking at the seeds that fall out of the feeder.
Most of the time, if the grass is bermuda, this will rectify itself when it warms up and the birds start eating worms and insects instead. The bermuda will overtake the area. But if you have fescue, you might just end up with a little stomped on place with a bunch of weeds in it. Just sayin’.
Spring is just around the corner! What you do now will affect the way your lawn looks this summer, so get your pre-emergents and post-emergents down, water if you can, and blow those leaves off the fescue!

But if you’re seeing a bunch of purple flowers in your lawn, you’ve got a case of henbit! Henbit can be very invasive, although it’s relatively easy to eliminate at this stage. In fact, the pre-emergent application we’re doing right now also contains a post-emergent to treat the henbit. It may look out of control now, but it’s fairly easily controlled with this application! Just remember: in this weather, the henbit will not turn brown and look dead! And it certainly won’t disappear. You must mow it off, and then it won’t come back.

And if you want to blow the leaves off your fescue, that’s a very good idea! Remember, your fescue may not look its best right now, but it needs that sunlight while it’s still cold, before the leaves come back on the trees.

Oh, and if you can get out there and water your lawn, please do so! If not, hope for some much-needed spring showers! (Hopefully, without any tornadic activity!)